Friday, April 22, 2011

Pranzo Forno! -- Willoughby, OH

The Pranzo Forno! stand at C-Town Chowdown
Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Cleveland's second C-Town Chow Down held in Lincoln Park in my very own neighborhood of Tremont. The first one was a huge hit, but the lines were so long that I didn't get to sample much (plus, it was freezing!). They decided to hold a second one on April 17, on another blustery (but very sunny) day.

This time, I noticed a "truck" (or, rather, a tent) that wasn't there before: Pranzo Forno!, a Willoughby catering company specializing in wood-fired pizza. (And yes, in fact, they bring the wood-fired oven to the event. Insanity!

I walked up and there was no line at around 11:15 am, and so I sampled a slice of what seemed to be a Mediterranean pizza. It had feta, huge basil leaves, garlic, and tomatoes. Everything looked so fresh. And it tasted great!

My slice
This crust was super-thin, light, crisp, and had the perfect amount of olive oil to make it flavorful and indulgent without being overly greasy.

From what I heard, Pranzo's stand was a hit at the Chowdown. Did you attend? If so, what did you think?

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  1. I forgot about this blog! I love it!
    Did you know they have a restaurant in Willoughby? We should have a Yelp dinner there sometime.