Thursday, March 31, 2011

Edison's Pizza Kitchen -- Cleveland, OH

The storefront ... in the snow
(how very Cleveland)
Yes! Finally, I get to write about Edison's. I mentioned in my first post on this blog that I'd only include my own photos of the pizza I review. So this meant waiting until I returned to some of my oft-visited pizza joints in order to take a couple pictures and then review. (Otherwise, I guess I could have written the review and then included the photos later. Well, maybe if I'm going through a dry spell, I'll do that. Until then, I'm fine with waiting.)

It's ironic, considering I frequent Edison's more than probably any other pizzeria in Cleveland. It's only a few blocks away in my neighborhood (Tremont), and it's just really good. It's different than other pizza I've tried, in that it's just a bit more "over the top." I can't really explain it better than that. But I'll try.

Preparing my half-banana-pepper pizza
There's a little something extra to the crust. Perhaps that's because, upon emerging from the oven, the guys at Edison's brush oil around the pizza's circumference, and then sprinkle parmesan cheese on it. This extra preparation gives the pizza a little more greasiness, sure, but also a lot more flavor. I would describe the crust as "thick," although based on conversations I've had about several pizzerias in the Cleveland area, others might call this "thin crust." It's definitely not deep-dish, though, because it's not made in a cast-iron pan or anything.

Also, another funny and unique thing that Edison's does is they include small packets of honey into which pizza lovers may dip their crusts. I've never done it, personally, but I have heard of several yelpers who have.

The only thing I'll say about the pizza which is unsatisfactory for me is that, depending on which toppings you order (mostly veggies), sometimes the pizza isn't as well done and the toppings aren't really "integrated" into the slice. However: for those of you who like their pizza a little less done, and who really love biting into toppings as their own entity, this could be the pizza for you! And the pepperoni slice is awesome, I will say that.

Banana pepper slice
Pizzas come in medium (8 slices) and large (12 slices). And they really are big. Last night we ordered a large with half banana peppers. Because of the quality of the thinly-sliced peppers, this is one particular topping that comes out really nicely on the pizza. The vinegary, sharp flavor of the peppers could be a little overwhelming for some, but I still really enjoyed it. (I prefer a more "sour" flavor -- think pickled things, Greek salads, etc. -- to spicy things like jalapenos.)

The shop is tiny, as in no more than three people should ever be in there to place or wait for an order. However, there's a great bar attached to the pizzeria (called, aptly, Edison's Pub) where the service is friendly, the clientele is laid-back, and you can enjoy a beer while you wait for your order.

Check out the grease on that pizza box!
Next-day test: I would say that Edison's reheated pizza is almost as good as on day one. It's just a little bit drier, but not much. And, for those slices with veggies that weren't as well done -- here's your chance to cook 'em a bit more!