Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slice of Life


For those who already know me, and for those who "know" me from my other blog, you know that I love pizza. Actually, that's inaccurate. I am obsessed with pizza.

It's not an uncommon food to be crazy over, but I think my obsession really began when I got yanked out of my comfort zone -- aka, New York City -- where I had always taken my slices for granted. (I guess it's true that people always want what they can't have.)

I spent a year in Madison, Wisconsin and now I'm going on two years in Cleveland, Ohio, and during this time I made it a mission of mine to find the best slices and weed out the nasties. I'll review my slices as I go (in between bites, of course), and you can decide for yourself which you might want to try. Most of my reviews will be on pizza in Cleveland, but if and when I travel and find something, I'll write about that too.

I've come up with a few "rules" for myself in the creation of this pizza blog:

  1. I will only write about pizza that I myself have tasted, not just pizza I've heard about.
  2. I will include only original photos of all the pizza I review. This means a) no grabbed photos from restaurant websites and b) no photos from sites like flickr or photobucket. This, in turn, means that c) I will either have to wait to review most pizzerias until I can return to take a photo, or I'll have to write the review and add a photo later.
  3. Unlike my yelp reviews (which you can also read by clicking on the widget to the right), I won't be reviewing the restaurant or establishment as a whole, nor will I review other food at this place. Just the pizza. I do, however, reserve the right to take certain excerpts or phraseology from yelp reviews I've already written.
I think that sounds pretty doable, right?

Also -- if there's anyone actually reading this -- if you are a pizza lover/snob/guru/addict or all of the above, and you'd like to submit a review of a local pizza place in your area (even if it's not in Cleveland), let me know by leaving me a comment!

Now, let's get our slice on!


  1. Ooh good job writing a blog devoted to pizza! I live near 2 pizza establishments in Boston: Bhop (Boston House of Pizza), filled with drunken college kids at 2 AM and Cappys. I hope you'll come to town to review them! I'd like to request that you do a review of Luminati's in Chicago and also Grimaldis (my fave) in Brooklyn! - Tanya L.
    (Anyway I will show my boyfriend your blog...he LOVES pizza just as much as you do!)

  2. Thanks for reading Tanya! And please follow me and tell your boyfriend to do the same!

    If you wanna do a "guest review" on either of those Boston places please let me know! I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out there to eat 'em. ;)